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Loup Knowledge Center

New Loup Feature


Door-to-Door Intermodal Savings Calculator

Looking for transit comparisons or how much you'll save and reduce your carbon footprint by using intermodal transportation?

Loup's Door-to-Door Intermodal Savings Calculator has the answers you're looking for! Let us show you why intermodal with Loup is your #1 choice for transportation.

Welcome to Loup's Knowledge Center. Here you can get detailed information on how to ship your freight safely and securely.

Loup accessorial schedule
Loup's Liability and License certifications
Shipment Quality
Determine the proper blocking and bracing plans to successfully secure your cargo
Equipment Info
Container and Trailer dimensions and specifications
Fuel Surcharge
View the current and historical prices for fuel. What is Fuel Surcharge?
Hazardous Materials
Description of what Hazardous Materials can be shipped by Loup
Intermodal Facilities
Detailed listings and information about Loup serviced intermodal ramps
Shipment Weight
Shipment load weight guide
Loup Intermodal Agreement (SLIA)
Resource for all things intermodal ranging from hazardous materials to high value shipments
Tutorials for customer applications