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Fuel Surcharge Information

New Loup Feature


Door-to-Door Intermodal Savings Calculator

Looking for transit comparisons or how much you'll save and reduce your carbon footprint by using intermodal transportation?

Loup's Door-to-Door Intermodal Savings Calculator has the answers you're looking for! Let us show you why intermodal with Loup is your #1 choice for transportation.

Loads you move with Loup will either be "all-in," (fuel is included in the rate you receive) or base plus fuel (you will be quoted a rate and when the load is moving, the current fuel surcharge at the time of the move will be applied).

QuoteLine (spot or transactional) rates include fuel unless you are otherwise notified. Committed prices (full-year capacity and rate) are base plus fuel. Project rates can vary and your Loup Sales Manager will be able to clarify if a project is all-in or base plus fuel.

View Current and Historical Fuel Surcharges