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Shipment Weight Restrictions

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What is an overweight shipment?

Load weight is a common topic in the intermodal world and different states have different guidelines. Shipments must be legal in both origin and destination states.

Federal Weight Guidelines

Federal guidelines limit the gross weight of the tractor, trailer (or container/chassis) and lading to a maximum of 80,000 lbs. States may enforce additional limits on specific highways or on bridges.

Federal Gross Vehicle Weight Limit

Gross Vehicle Weight Limit is 80,000 lbs.

Axle Maximums:

  • 12,000 lbs - Steers
  • 34,000 lbs - Drives
  • 34,000 lbs - Trailer/Chassis

In addition, California limits the spacing from kingpin to the center of real axle to 40' maximum.

Loup reserves the right to weigh loaded containers to confirm shipments do not exceed gross or axle maximum weights. Should vehicle exceed maximum gross or axle weights, customer will be responsible for cost of scaling, fines and any additional charges to make vehicle compliant as well as any additional freight charges.

If you have any questions regarding weight restrictions, please contact your Loup Sales Representative.